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There's a battle going on on the Internet and its theme is - FIFA 18 or PES? If you are here, that probably means you are on team FIFA, and because we take care of our own we will reveal the best possible method for making FIFA 18 coins. If you are new to this game or you've played FIFA before but haven't heard what the new interesting features are, by all means, read the whole article. However, if you are only here because of the title, skip to the last paragraph.

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Why choose FIFA 18 as your main football game for this year?

FIFA has been with us for over twenty-three years now, and they never failed to deliver.

Sure, there were ups and downs but all in all, they always do their best to make the game as good as possible. They are always using cutting edge technology and creative new ideas to make the experience as real as it can be. There were no mistakes when it comes to real world comparison. Player performance is presented as closely as it can be regarding how a player plays in real life.

When it comes to innovation, they are number one, but this year they even outdid themselves.

Main changes in FIFA 18

This year EA games really did a great job when it comes to FIFA. A truly revolutionary change, and by far the most important feature is surely the Frostbite engine. The EA team developed a cutting-edge engine which puts all others to shame. If you played the latest Battlefield series, you know what we're talking about. Besides Frostbite, there are many more changes which were implemented into FIFA 18, and they are the following:

New story mode called Journey, new active intelligence system, new attacking techniques, re-writing of set pieces, overhauling of physical play and a focus on players distinctiveness.

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Some of the new FIFA 18 features explained:

  • Frostbite Engine - This new and amazing engine has been worked on for over two years. It's not just a football engine; it's an engine used for other games as well. Besides FIFA 18, this engine will be used by Battlefield 1: Mirror's Edge, Mass Effect: Andromeda and Catalyst. EA staff is so overwhelmingly pleased with this innovation; they can't wait to put it in motion. They said that this engine will allow them to create a lot better animation and that the players will look almost as if their picture was taken in real life. If you think they are wrong, see for yourself. There are images on the internet you can find and believe us; you will be amazed.

  • Story Mode: Journey - We will refrain from using many details because we don't want to spoil this part of the game for you, but you should know that it is an amazing experience. You will start off as a young player in a team of your choosing and will be able to make your own way through the ranks. It sounds similar to already existing ideas, and it is, but there are certain aspects of this feature which make it unique in its own way.

  • Active Intelligence System - In short, this will make AI players much more efficient than they were before. Your teammates on defense and offense (which you aren't controlling) will move in much better patterns; they will work a lot harder to make themselves useful. The patterns will be much clearer, and animation will be a lot more complex. They will make more runs that are better and more specific to what your team is trying to achieve.

  • New attacking techniques - Remember FIFA 16 feature ''pass with purpose''? This has now been implemented for goalkeepers too. Besides that, you will be able to create a lot more efficient and controlled shots with your offensive players. A new style of shooting has been made so that you can up the power of the shot but also keep the ball low.

How to get free FIFA 18 Coins

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EA has a long history of creating many downloadable contents which cost almost as much as the game itself and sometimes even more. Not only do they charge you for buying the game, but they also give you a choice to buy their in-game contents and download additional content for a price. The key word here is ''choice'', but when you look at it closely, there is no real choice. If you want to be the best at this game and have an ultimate team, have fun or achieve what you want you will quite simply have to buy these in-game contents. For example, if you want to create your ultimate football team you will either have to spend a ton of money on FIFA points or have to work real hard on acquiring those precious FIFA coins. If you, like many more, don't have the money to throw away on digital currency meaningful only to one game, you've come to the right place. There is a team of hackers which follow the work of EA games and create a generator for every new game they create. As soon as the FIFA 18 came out, they worked hard to come up with a FIFA 18 coin generator which gives free FIFA 18 coins. By utilizing this FIFA 18 hack, you will never have to spend a dime on coins, and you will be able to lay back and enjoy the game. No more chasing the coins, no more frustration when you can't get something you want. With this FIFA 18 coin generator, you will be able to purchase all your favorite players and create your dream team. There is nothing more enjoyable than having limitless resources at your disposal so that you can make many different team compositions and see which one works best. This way the game truly becomes a game and not something you will spend a ton of money on or countless hours on doing something you don't like to do.

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